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Block Grant for Sewer System Construction.

Bob Rolfe TN Dept, Economic and Community Development Commissioner Dudney Fox Civil Engineering, Trestles, LLC, Sen. Janice Bowling, Deputy Gov Jim Henry, Mayor Dolton Steele, Vice Mayor Ann Gardner, Rep David Alexander, Lorie Fisher, South Central Tennessee Development District Community Development Director.

Congratulations to the Town of Huntland on receiving a Community Development Block Grant from the Department of Economic and Community Development for Sewer System Construction.

On January 30, 2018 on behalf of the town of Huntland Mayor Dolton Steel received a $450,000 grant, provided through the federal Appalachian Regional Commission.

Gov. Bill Haslam, working with District 39 Rep. David Alexander, signed the funding paperwork to begin construction on the first installment of a sewage system for the city.

The $450,000 grant will go toward a segment of the first phase, totaling $2.5 million. The entire project, to provide community wide sewer service to Huntland, which has relied solely on septic tanks, will cost slightly more than $5 million in at least three separate phases.

Alexander said the effort to get a Huntland sewer system stems back about two decades.

He said the lack of a sewage system has gravely hampered the community’s economic growth, contributed to a declining population and could force closing Huntland School if something weren’t done about it.

Alexander said very inclement weather over the past two years had put Huntland in a very dire predicament, making it urgent to find funding for a long-term solution before irreparable damage made the cost to remedy the problems even more challenging to resolve.